Past Events

We have held events to raise money and awareness for organizations like RAINN, Make-A-Wish, and Call of Duty Endowment Program. We have also raised money for a local church to help with their outreach programs. And we have held a few tournaments to help with anti-bullying efforts in our area. Including starting the S.T.A.R. program that recognizes local students for their good deeds.

Upcoming Events

No events with dates for the moment due to the Covid-19 situation. We're planning to start having events after this is all over and things start to return to normal. 

The Masters of Gaming Entry Form
AlmightyWraith Versus
Snack Attack

 Recent YouTube Videos

Types of Events

We hold several types of events.

Tournaments - The main event that we hold is video game tournaments. Participants compete in a tournament containing random games. 

V2R Challenge - The V2R challenge is a virtual to reality challenge. We play video games and then do real life variants of those games. For example if we played a racing game then we would follow it with a go kart race.

Game Drive - Same principal as a toy or food drive. We set-up a donation box and let people donate games, accessories, gift cards, etc.

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